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    Stay at Mon means a full immersion in an environment where everything is deeply linked to the land and the history of the place. The delicacies, the materials, the objects collected represent the tangible part of our territory, as well as the music, poetry and art represent the soul and the most intimate part of it. The works of art in the house are not designed to be a museum exhibition but rather the continuation of our concept of hospitality: stimulation to thought, to dream and to the sense of belonging and integration to the place. Through the sensitive and delicate soul of Maurizio Galimberti and Alfredi Rapetti, the dialogue between photography, silent images and painting is initiated, an investigation into the evolution of things and feelings. The works of Galimberti and Rapetti provoke memories and sensations that touch us deeply and refer us to the essential. With particular reference to the Langhe, the foundation on which the present stands is buried by years of progress and frenetic changes but is still clearly visible thanks to the precious shots of Bruno Murialdo, images that take us back to the roots of our culture and our values. Murialdo's ironic and erudite eye captures the synthesis of our culture, the same does the stroke of Claudio Bernardi and his representation of today's landscape, a landscape characterized by signs that can be traced back to no other place than the Langa, signs clear and abstract of a landscape that is highly cultural even more than natural.




    His works are exhibited at MON


    Rapetti Mogol

    His works are exhibited at MON



    His works are exhibited at MON



    His works are exhibited at MON 

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