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Country world

"Sometimes it happens to get passionate about something without knowing its usefulness, without a real purpose, simply moved by genuine pleasure and passion. Years pass and life reveals the value of what you unconsciously did in your youth.” These are the words used by Bruno Murialdo to describe the photographs taken in Alta Langa in the decade of the 1970s, photos that portray a rural world blown away in a very short time, with no other testimony than photographs. During his long and prosperous career as a photographer, through the many reportages he has made around the world, the works that depict the lands of his childhood are particularly important, especially the images of the "Langa", of that world that came after the "Malora" of Fenoglio and writers such as Davide lajolo, Gina Lagorio and Giovanni Arpino. Through photography, Murialdo tells the story of characters and places where his father lived the last ten years of his life, the pastures and the vineyards, documenting the ferment that poverty and wealth emanated hoping to stop the time. “An open door to a renaissance that I felt was coming. Today my photographs are an important part, a visual testimony of that period, they are moments of life frozen in the years of waiting." For MON we have selected with Bruno a series of unpublished photos from his archive full of many surprises that still await us and where everything has a specific value: the one that can only be found here, in Langa, and nowhere else. We have picked some of the most representative images of the canons of the farming world, images of the countryside as a discovery ... the faces, the vineyard, the animals, the houses, the markets ... and then the trattoria where people used to gather in the evening and spent the night drinking and singing. The aim is to recall a time when people talked a lot and sang for hours, in which there was a fun and enjoyment that no longer exists. Murialdo's work is a collection of meanings, values, fullness of life, attention to details now forgotten. Like the moon that we are no longer able to look at, or the sound of the wind and a falling leaf, symbols that were once rich in meanings and of which today sadly no one cares anymore.

Bruno Murialdo

In 1966 he began his career as a photographer in Alba in the studio of Pietro Agnelli, a former pupil of the Alinari brothers. Four years later he started his activity as a photojournalist focusing on Latin America, Central America, Russia and the countries of the East. He spent his childhood in Chile and this helped him a lot for his strong bond and command of the language. With the writer Danilo Manera Jos Mejides he collaborated in describing the life in Cuba in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Many his reportages are published in national and international magazines such as Epoca, Linea d ’Ombra, Oggi. His work has appeared in many newspapers including La Stampa, La Repubblica and Corriere della sera. With Sandro Bolchi and his intervision they realize several television dramas including "La Paga del Sabato" by Beppe Fenoglio. Recent is the collaboration with Max Chicco in the making of the film “Sadam” with Joseph Tito. He created photographic stories dedicated to literature including "Tartarin on the Alps" and the tales of Cerkaski by Giordan Radickov published in the famous magazine "Infinito". He collaborates with the Alba USA Music Festival in realizing various exhibitions dedicated to music and its protagonists, shown in the United States, Japan and in private sites and galleries. Currently, in his studio located in Alba together with his assistant Silva Muratore, he collaborates with "Stampa", "Repubblica" and many national and international newspapers telling through photography the story of his land and territory.

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