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Featuring a soft hilly profile, shaped by the peasant tradition, they offer a landscape unparalleled in every season.

In 2014, the Langhe are recognized as part of the World Heritage Site, a coveted recognition, defined as “a witness of an authentic and ancestral culture, of a link between the land and man of ancient origins”.
No other wine area in the world has such a gastronomic offering: a dense network of high-quality trattorias and taverns and numerous Michelin-starred restaurants.

People of the Langhe: 

A unique ecosystem, rich in history, culture, landscapes, traditions and characters. Writers such as Cesare Pavese and Beppe Fenoglio; talented entrepreneurs such as Michele Ferrero; thinkers and advocates of the valuable work of farmers and the preservation of biodiversity such as Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food and the University of Gastronomic Sciences.

LANGHE facts:

  • UNESCO heritage since 2014
  • 10,000 hectares of vineyards, over 1000 artisanal wineries
  • Home of the white truffle of Alba, Barolo and Barbaresco wines
  • Home to 13 one-star, 2 two-star and 1 3-star Michelin Restaurants
  • Birthplace of the SlowFood Organization
  • A multitude of real and authentic taverns and trattorias
  • Outdoor paradise for hikers and bikers
  • 1 hour drive from the Sestriere ski area and the Ligurian sea at Varigotti
  • 1 hour drive from Turin airport and 1 ½ hour drive from Milan Malpensa airport
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