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    Located in Monforte d’Alba, in the lounge of the Barolo wine, MON is a home that embodies local culture, with memories of this special land represented in its each and every detail.
    Your stay is one of discovery, exploring this artisanal culture, the richness of the flavors, and the real, authentic spirit of the Langhe.
    It is a house that can be rented, in its entirety, by only one group at a time.

    The house

    Formerly used as a rectory, the archetypal forms of peasant life in the Langhe are embodied in the humble details and confined spaces that have been meticulously preserved during restoration.

    It is designed with respect for energy savings and environmental sustainability.

    Salonea con sole


    In the Piedmontese dialect, the names of some fruit and vegetables allude to their region of origin.

    Our rooms are dedicated to these originally foreign fruits that in our land have found a cozy home.

    Le Langhe

    Protected by the Alpine arch to the northwest of Italy, you will find the Langhe, lands steeped in culture known as “the hills of tastes”, home to famous wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco and various delicacies such as the white truffle, hazelnuts, Fassona meat and much more.



    Fully equipped gourmet kitchen
    Concierge 24/7
    Fully equipped gourmet kitchen
    Swimming pool with salt water  
    Wellness area: with sauna, steam room and multi-sensory shower
    WIFI throughout the home
    Inner lift to allow access for people with disabilities 
    Pets friendly



    A parking lot. The house is located in the heart of an ancient village, fully pedestrian surroundings. The nearest parking is a 3-minute walk.  
    Loading and unloading of luggage is permitted.  
    Television in the bedrooms. We suggest save tv time for conviviality.
    For the most addicted, one of the rooms is equipped with a tv.



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